Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sherwood Park Volunteer and Staff Appreciation Dinner

The annual Volunteer and Employee Appreciation Banquet was held on Monday, April 27, 2009.  Strathcona County Mayor Cathy Olesen, spoke to those present about senior care and offered praise for those who were providing that care at Sherwood Park Care Center.  Executive Director Gerald Northam expressed appreciation for Mayor Olesen's continuing interest in and involvement with the Center.

Northam, Kathy Fortunat, Carol Paisley and Angela Diebert recognized the service of both volunteers and staff.  Pins were awarded to staff who have served 10, 15 and 20 years.  Sherwood Park Care Center Board Chair Mark Johnson welcomed those who attended and emceed the evening program.

Sherwood Park Care Center is an important ministry of the Alberta Conference located in the Edmonton area.  A staff of 170 cares for the 100 residents of the facility.  

Sherwood Park will be celebrating 40 years of service to the community on September 26 and 27, 2009.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Edmonton Evangelism Begins April 24

Bill Santos, speaker for It Is Written Canada, kicks off an innovative evangelistic thrust in Edmonton on April 24.  The meetings for the first weekend will be held at the Mayfield Inn.  After the first weekend, local pastors and laypersons will continue the series in ten different locations in the Edmonton area.

Alberta Ministerial Secretary, Pastor Larry Hall says "This is a creative approach to evangelism.  We need to try a variety of approaches to reach the people in our large cities."  Alberta Conference President, Mark Johnson, says "We need to reach out in new and untried ways at the same time that we conduct familiar evangelistic series.  There are so many people who need to get ready to see Jesus and we must continually look for new and effective means which are consistent with our beliefs that will permit us to present the gospel message."

With meeting locations throughout the city, it is hoped that interested persons will find a location near home and work which will meet their needs.  This sort of coordinated evangelistic activity involving the entire community has brought together the area pastors for weeks of planning and preparation discussions.

These evangelistic messages, reviewing the fundamental beliefs of the Adventist faith, are an excellent opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers and family to join us for a review of the Great Teachings of the Bible.

For further information contact any Edmonton area Seventh-day Adventist Church, pastor or the Alberta Conference office.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Calgary Central Evangelistic Meetings

Pastor Randy Barber began evangelistic meetings at Calgary Central on Sunday evening, April 12.  As part of the advertising strategy, Pastor Barber uses a nicely designed "Supercard" instead of the traditionally folded evangelistic brochure.  The card format stands out in mailed advertising at the same time that it saves cost to the advertising budget.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why We're Doing This

As we attempt to share stories of faith, events in schools and congregations and ideas for ministry the Alberta Conference has recently announced a fresh approach to sharing information.  Our format has changed so we can provide you with:

  • Information while it is still fresh
  • Quickly readable, succinct content
  • Content you can receive on your mobile phone if you choose
  • Ideas you can try for ministry where you are
In order to serve you best our news feeds will be short, about important events, with contact info where possible.  This news will be available to your computer via an RSS feed.  We suggest that you subscribe so that you will not miss any important news.

While we pursue this as a part of our communications strategy, there will also be other options as well.  This particular approach helps us save postage, doesn't take our secretaries away from supporting your needs, and lets us send out information when you need to get it.

We hope that you will find this helpful for you personally and to keep your church connected with the rest of the Alberta Conference and the various ministry opportunities throughout our field.

Alberta Church Elders at Foothills Camp

Leaders of local congregations met at Foothills Camp March 20-22 for fellowship, training and dialogue with Alberta Conference leaders.  The weekend was organized by Alberta Conference Ministerial Secretary, Larry Hall.  The various presentations focused on practical skills and tools for the leaders of the more than 70 Adventist congregations in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.  Over 100 persons were in attendance for the weekend which sought to enable leaders of local congregations in their ministry roles.  Conversations during the retreat between leaders in the various churches provided valuable shared knowledge that will help us throughout the conference.

Veggie For Life Club

Red Deer Church sponsors a monthly vegetarian supper club which meets at the church and is open to all from the community.  Between twenty to thirty folks attend for a short presentation and opportunity to sample tasty new vegetarian foods.  Everyone is also welcome to bring a dish as long as it is a vegetarian recipe.

Alberta Women's Retreat

Women from throughout Alberta and Western Canada gathered the first weekend of April for their annual retreat at the Red Deer Lodge.  Alberta Conference Women's Ministries Coordinator Nicole Sydenham announced that this year 371 attendees were present.  The weekend was a spiritual high-point for Adventist women and their guests.

Garden Road Evangelism Begins

Evangelist Clive Dottin began a two week Evangelistic Series at Calgary's Garden Road Church Saturday night, April 11.  Pastor Dottin is the Youth Director of the Caribbean Union Conference.  His nightly series of messages have an appeal to both young and old alike.  For further information call Garden Road at 1-403-280-3500.