Monday, July 20, 2009

Pastor Darrell Beaudoin Evangelizes Grande Prairie

God has once again blessed the efforts of His people in working towards the salvation of souls through public evangelism. Pastor Darrell Beaudoin accepted his first invitation to conduct a prophecy seminar outside of his own district; and preached a powerful, clear, and Spirit-filled seminar that inspired many here in Grande Prairie. As the hall of the downtown Sandman Hotel began to fill up with more and more with visitors, we began to get more and more excited about this venture in evangelism. By the time the opening night presentation began, we had over 50 guests outside of the church members that also came to support this outreach.

When we transferred the seminar from the hall to the church after the 7th presentation, we still had over 35 guests attending; and by the end of the seminar we had over 30 guests in attendance. We celebrated the baptism of four precious souls over two Sabbaths, and are anticipating more commitments to Christ in baptism from the five others that are continuing to study and worship with us since the seminar ended.

The Grande Prairie Church has been so thankful to Pastor Beaudoin for being willing to come and serve evangelistically here in our grand city. His seminar was professional from start to finish; from cutting edge equipment and props, to his excellent rapport with the guests attending. He brought a fresh approach to the “Bible Questions” time by opening the floor before the presentations on certain nights, and demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of prophecy and the Bible. We have already agreed we would love to have him come again for a future seminar, and would highly recommend his seminar to any churches in our conference looking to do a live evangelistic prophecy seminar.

Shawn Brummund, Pastor

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