Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crocodiles Found in Yellowknife

Crocodiles, fireflies and crawfish, oh my! On June 29, the Yellowknife Seventh-day Adventist Church was “swamped” with over 60 fearless kids as the church launched their week long Crocodile Dock VBS. It all began when Children’s Ministry leaders, Sheila and Noel Cruz, led a team of eager volunteers to transform the church’s gym into a Bible Bayou full of swampy things. Then crew leaders were trained and coached. When opening day came, the gym was full of community children ready to become fearless kids shining God’s light.

This year’s VBS was the largest yet with an average of 60 children in attendance each day with few days seeing over 70 children join the fun. The Crocodile Dock theme was evident all over the building from the craft stations (Crawfish Crafts and Missions) to the games (Gator Games). Perhaps the most amazing part of all was the Firefly Finale set where participants could hop on a flat-bottom boat and pretend to drift on lazy, hazy waters under tall cypress trees. Plants such as trees and water-lilies were built from ordinary school materials and garbage bags were used to create “the swamp”.

Each day began at 2pm with the Sing and Play Swamp Stomp which was led by the crew leaders - all early teens. The children who signed up for the camp were arranged into eight different groups or crews. After the Sing and Play Swamp Stomp, the crews split up and headed for the various stations around the church. All the games, crafts, snacks, and stories reinforced the Bible point for that day. A workbook was supplied to each child with instructions to draw or write about 'God in action', such as their parents hugging or laughing. Once the crews had moved through the stations, they rejoined each other for the Firefly Finale.

On the last day, all 10 crew leaders pitched together to perform a skit on 'being fearless' for all of the children and their parents. All the participants where given their crafts and small toys to take home to share with the rest of their family; a constant reminder that, “God is with us! Fear not!”

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been serving the Yellowknife community for over 30 years and is located at 5008 Forrest Drive. Services are every Saturday morning at 10:30 starting with small groups for adults and children with services starting at 11:30. On the web they are at The church office can be reached at 873-6767 or by email at

Written by Cherryl Li, Crew Leader,
with a little help from Pastor Brad Dahr

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