Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank You Cake

Rose Simon proudly presented this exquisite cake to the Alberta Conference office

Pastor Peter Ford's dream is now becoming a reality! The Alberta Conference administration, assisted by Pastor Ford and Bob Spratt, entered into an agreement to purchase a parcel of land in the town of Hobbema. The intention for this piece of property is to erect a church and safe multi-purpose community center for students of Mamawi Atosketan Native School, future students, and the community.

It is a Native people's custom to show their appreciation to someone who does something for them by presenting a gift as a thank you. Rose Simon, a representative of the Native community in Hobbema as well as a member of the Maskwachees Adventist company, presented a beautifully-decorated cake as shown in the photo above. Jeannie Spratt, wife of Bob Spratt who is actively involved in the ministries we provide in the Hobbema area, made and decorated this cake. As you can see, it is a work of art and beauty! What a fantastic way to say thank you.

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