Monday, November 23, 2009

Model Teaching Week

During the week of November 16, 2009, teachers from the Alberta Seventh-day Adventist education system learned best teaching practices by observing three guest master teachers (one from South Carolina and two from Oklahoma) in a Model Teaching Week at College Heights Christian School in Lacombe. Most students enjoyed some time away from school that week; however, about 50 students from various schools were a part of the mock model school. Isaac Zayachkowski, Superintendent of Adventist Schools in Alberta, says they launched their "Journey to Excellence" six years ago and, thanks to funding from the Provincial Government, their focus now is improving student success. Not only teachers from Alberta, but Manitoba, and Quebec took part in learning best teaching practices so each teacher and student can find a safe learning environment to flourish in. The first order of business was designing their model classrooms. They currently have a focus in three main areas.

The following video clip is from an interview by radio station Sunny 94 with Isaac Zayachkowski:

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