Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ponoka Church Praises God for Baptism

(l-r) Pastor David Beaudoin, Joshua Beaudoin, Darryl Johnson
On November 7th the Ponoka Church celebrated 2 baptisms. Joshua Beaudoin was baptized after two years of preparation and made his decision to follow in the footsteps of Jesus through the waters of baptism. Darryl Johnson, who first attended the 2008 prophecy seminar was also baptized into the body of Christ, and his immediate family were there to witness the grand event. Before the baptisms service the Ponoka church members promised and voted to support these two young men with all their emotional and spiritual resources to help them grow in the Lord. We praise the Lord and rejoice with the angels in heaven for the commitment of these two individuals.
Pastor Dave Beaudoin

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