Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Outreach into the Community of Peers

The Good Samaritan Skit with Audrey and Hellar at Kid's Club
Craft Time at Kid's Club
The month of October 2009 Peers Company conducted a Kid Club for children in the community. The first four Sabbath afternoons in October had the members putting on skits, crafts, and Bible story plays for the children. We had six children attend from the community who expressed the wish for us to do it again next year. It was a fun time and a lot of hard work getting each program together but it really helped to showcase the church in the community. A special thanks to our Bible workers Egbert and Keishauni George for masterminding the plays and creating fantastic props. The members acted in the plays so well! We were all surprised at the talent we have in our midst. The theme of the program was "Kids Under Construction" and each play focused on issues children face each day such as bulling and lack of self esteem.

The last Sabbath in October saw the Peers group ministering at a seniors lodge in Evansburg. This is now a monthly ministry for our church. The group puts on a musical program and short sermonette followed up by visiting with the residents.

We even had a very special couple from Sherwood Park church visiting us in October and presented our church with some much appreciated DVDs and books for our library. They wish to remain anonymous so no names will be given but a big thank you to them anyway.

Delores Fletcher

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