Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Parkview Adventist Academy Supports Camp Whitesand Project

When the message came from Saskatchewan that help was needed for Camp Whitesand, 17 super-talented dismantling specialists from Parkview Adventist Academy responded to the call and left early one Sunday morning. These demolition experts worked for three days ripping siding off countless cabins. It was Alex Raney's delicious meals that kept this troop going. Everyone raved about the great food. Someone obviously knew how to keep a bunch of teenagers happy!

Hundreds of square feet of TyVek were placed on the cabin walls as well as new soffits. However, the removal of the siding seemed to be the most fun. It also supplied the team with great material for one BIG bonfire. They had to pick a time when it wasn't too windy to light the giant pile of old scraps and wood. What fun everyone had around the bonfire, telling stories and roasting marshmallows! All in all, it was a great three-day experience for these volunteers. It was another example of PAA students being "willing to serve." This is the theme for PAA for the next few years. So far this year, students have cleaned up the shorelines of Gull Lake and beautified Camp Whitesand.

On the way home from this excursion, one of the students thoughtfully said, "Funny how hard work makes you feel so good, even when you don't get paid." The youth enrolled at PAA are truly learning what service is all about.
Landon Ritchey

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