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July 6 – 10, 2009
Monday - Friday10:45 a.m. & repeated at 3:45 p.m.
(unless indicated otherwise)

He Speaks Peace

Wanda J. Johnson, M.Sc., CCC
Marital & Family Therapist

We will explore the healing power of Jesus as “He Speaks Peace” and healing to hurting hearts. Discover tools for healing and discuss the differences between the needs of men and women, and how to meet those needs. By looking at Biblical examples of how the patriarchs gave a blessing and how those blessings empowered their children, we will also learn how we can give blessings to one another. When we learn how to give a blessing, it will dramatically change our lives and the lives of those we love.

Good Grief
(continuous-no repeat)
Alvin & Elizabeth Kurtz
Trained at the institute for Death & Dying in Boston, MA, and was mentored by Larry Yeagley

An interactive seminar to help YOU cope and empower you to help others who grieve. Train yourself to conduct a Grief Recovery Seminar in your community. Learn about the residual effect of multiple life losses / families in grief / normal and abnormal grief / and much more.

Sabbath School Training
Samuel Thomas, Jr
Director of Marketing for Message Magazine and Facilitator of Special Projects for the Review & Herald Publishing

Sermon Building For Lay People
Pastor Steve Reasor
Youth Pastor,
College Heights Church

Writing a sermon can be a lot like building a house, both require sufficient tools, time, and ability, and can be rather daunting tasks. Both also offer great rewards: one gives you a house, the other presents the story of Jesus Christ to a dying world. This seminar will present a process for building Bible-based sermons from foundation to finishing, and help lay people develop skills and tolls for preaching.

Share Him Evangelism Boot Camp
Pastor Larry Hall
(Ministerial Director, Alberta)
Pastor John Gilbert
(Warburg/Wetaskiwin District)

Learn the basics of successful reaping evangelism strategy and how to preach your very own PowerPoint sermons. You will learn how to preach a full evangelistic series.

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