Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mamawi Atosketan Native School Open House

Colorful Native Dances Were Performed
Mamawi Atosketan Native School
The annual Open House at Mamawi took place on May 1 and 2. The Friday program featured the talents of many of the students at the school and was attended by family and friends. It was an excellent opportunity for guests to capture some of the color and culture of the community which the school serves. Principal Julie Bancarz and her staff have created a wonderful atmosphere for learning at the school which is the largest school operated by the Alberta Conference with over 170 students. This year has been blessed with the additional ministry of Pastor Peter Ford and his vision for the Church's presence in the Hobbema community.

On Sabbath afternoon a large group of friends of Mamawi gathered for a variety of presentations which provided insight into the ministry and purpose of the school. Alberta Conference President Mark Johnson had the afternoon message. He spoke of the need for a continuing and expanded ministry in the Native community which will encourage men and women to journey toward Christ's Kingdom.

The Sabbath program ended with a delightful dinner for those who attended.

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