Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fire Blazing in the West

The West Edmonton Seventh-day Adventist Church held a week of prayer like they have never experienced before. For one week, March 14 – 21, 2009, Pastor J. Amankwah unleashed the “Secret of Elijah’s Power” from 1 Kings 17 and 18. The week opened with the identification of roadblocks to revival, which are: following the leader’s faith, neglecting the strongholds; surrendering of the sacred things, and ignoring the call to repentance. We confirmed that Jehovah was the source of Elijah’s strength and that same strength is available to us today. Three lessons that Elijah learned at the University of the Drying Brook were that God’s servants must take one step at a time, they must strive to trust God absolutely, and they are called to sit by the drying brook and wait on the Lord. We were reminded that change is scary but when God tells us to move we need to move. Change comes into our lives for our own betterment. God’s plans demand our implicit obedience. We must “trust and obey for there is no other way.” God allows us to go through stuff in our lives so that we can appreciate the good gifts that only He offers. We should receive whatever God gives us with thanksgiving. But we have to take a step of faith first, before we can get the blessing. We need to be willing and respond to God’s call. God was preparing Elijah for something special. He prepares us bit by bit, moving us to a higher level while building us in our daily lives.

An anointing service was held on Friday night with a special focus on the youth. On Wednesday night prayers went up for the youth to attend the Friday night service. God answered the prayers and youth who had been absent from church for a while were in attendance. All of the young people were anointed and prayed for. What a powerful experience that was.

The week concluded with a focus on Elijah’s prayer, which was based on the promises of God. We need to apply the promises to our lives if they are going to be effective. The promises of God are like an open cheque that we sit on and don’t cash. Elijah’s prayer was definite. We need to learn how to be specific in our prayer as sometimes we miss the mark. Elijah’s prayer was earnest. When we pray we must believe that we have what we are in need of. That is expectant faith. Are you praying for something and you feel like your prayers are in vain? Don’t give up because God is not finished yet. We need to pray until something happens believing that it will. Elijah was an ordinary person like you and I, and God used him. With your willing heart there is no telling what you can do for God. Why not try Him today?

Sharon Long (Brown)
Communication coordinator
West Edmonton SDA Church

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