Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Native Camp Meeting at Foothills

During the weekend of June 5-7 over 100 people gathered at Foothills Camp near Bowden for the 2009 Native Camp Meeting.  Those who attended came from throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.  Music was an important part of the weekend with many heartfelt songs provided as part of the testimony offered by those present.  A guest musical group from Tennessee came for the weekend and shared their musical talent.

Probably the most compelling part of the weekend was to hear the testimonies of those who wouldn't have been there without God's intervention in their lives.  The struggles of addiction, the residential schools, broken relationships and so much more were presented in a way that was simple and compelling.  This was a time for people who had shared many similar experiences to appreciate the wonderful power of Christ to solve problems that no one else could help touch.

This year's gathering had one of the highest attendances in recent memory.  


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